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fun & initiative drama classes

for children ages 5-10 years.

  • AK Drama helps develop language & communication skills:


Every child learns their communications skills at their own pace, so through learning songs, nursery rhymes, playing new games and participating in pretend play we help them to develop this. We encourage children to freely express themselves, not only verbally but also physically. This helps children to develop excellent communication skills.


  • AK Drama builds confidence:


At AK Drama we firmly believe that every child has a voice but some voices are smaller than others, however they are just as important. Through our classes children have the opportunity to choose to take centre stage, some will be there on day one, others a little while later. We encourage everyone to enjoy the whole stage.



  • AK Drama helps concentration:


We use specific games to help the child’s concentration and attention. We have found that this helps everyone to enjoy the classes fully. This skill is taken away and applied quickly to every part of the child’s life.




  • AK Drama helps children to understand the world around them:


Adults find the world complicated at times, so children of course sometimes have difficulty in relating to events. At AK Drama we keep a keen eye on what is important in the world of children today and adapt our lessons to fit. This gives them a chance to express themselves in their own way.




  • AK Drama assists physical development:


Through simple movement and playing of drama games we help / encourage children to beware of their own growing bodies. Skills such as jumping, hopping, stretching, skipping which are part of our drama games all contribute towards a happy, healthy child.





  • AK Drama nurtures friendship:


Through drama children break down barriers, have fun and create strong friendships. Some of AK Drama’s closest friends where met as children in a fun drama class, just like this one.





  • AK Drama develops creativity:


Everyone has the ability to be creative but not everyone knows how to. Through improvisation, encouraging the imagination, having fun the creative ability is enhanced.






  • Drama develops emotional intelligence:


You have all heard of IQ, but have you heard of EQ?

Children with high EQ are better equipped to deal with day to day life in a balanced way.

Through drama we 'act out' a range of emotions in the safe and supportive environment where children are better able to understand theirs and others boundaries.







Why AK Drama for My Child?